Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monitoring a Long Running Stored Procedure

Recently I had the need to write a SQL Server stored procedure which performed numerous complex comparisons and wrote back numerous updates across many millions of rows. The result was a lengthy runtime. My client needed a means of quickly finding how far through the process was at any point in time.

I'm probably like many others and now just use the debugging ability of an IDE to get a look at what's going on inside a stored procedure, but that wouldn't work here. Way back when I'd PRINT statements to get information out to the messages pane but they won't display until a batch has finished and so couldn't be used here either.

The answer came in the form of RAISERROR WITH NOWAIT.

RAISERROR doesn't have to be used only with errors. In fact, for severity levels of 10 or less SQL Server will just treat them as messages, meaning that execution can continue on as normal, even when TRY / CATCH blocks are being used.

You'll need to ensure that the results are being sent to either text of grid (CTRL+T or CTRL+D in management studio) and click onto the messages tab of the output window in order to see the messages appear in real time.

Try this as an example:

When you execute the script you should see nothing for the first ten seconds with the first two messages then appearing before another ten second gap followed by the final message appearing.

Don't forget to click over to the messages tab in order to watch the action!

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