Monday, February 15, 2010

SSRS Page Sizes and Orientations

One of the things I found odd about Reporting Services when I first used it was the lack of an option to set the paper/page size to common paper sizes such as Letter, A4, A3, etc. This is common in some other reporting tools such as Crystal Reports.

In SSRS page sizes are set by PageSize property of the Report object. You can get to this property from the Report Properties option in the Report menu. From here just look on the Layout tab and you'll find what you need. The measurements will either be in cm or inches (depending upon the Regional Settings of your computer). The most common paper sizes you will need to print to are Letter and A4. The values for these two (in potrait orientation) are

Letter: 8.5in, Height 11in
A4: Width 21cm, Height 29.7cm

If you need to use Landscape orientation simply swap the width and height values.

You can also set the size of the four margins here as well.

In order to maximise the amount of report real estate you have to work with you should also set the Size property of the [Report] Body object to the following:

[Body] Width = [Report] Width - Left Margin - Right Margin
[Body] Height = [Report] Height - Top Margin - Bottom Margin

Accurately setting these values will allow you to make the most of the available space without getting print overruns on to the next page or finding every second page blank due to a page size which has been set slightly too wide.

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